interactive voice response message recording IVR PCM 8kHz 16 bit mono phone CCITT u-Law

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is often a company's first interaction with a customer or client, and it can be as important as branding or marketing. So it is important that your company's IVR message is high quality, professional and friendly but engaging, whilst adhering to its branding and corporate message. 

We take care of all the technical stuff and with years of IVR experience, we can even offer a full script consultation. So where to start?

We can work with a pre-existing recording, help and advise you on how to record your own message or record a new high-quality message from scratch. 

Different phone systems require different audio formats. The standard audio format used for telephone (Telephony audio format) is PCM 8kHz 16 Bit Mono WAV. However, CISCO phone systems require CCITT u-Law files. Many use a simple mp3. No matter what audio format you require we can provide custom IVR solutions for your company. Whether you need to transfer your existing IVR messages to another format, add background music, or produce a brand new recording, contact us to see how we can help.